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Chess 4 All is an incredible way to play the ancient game of chess on your Windows 8 device.

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    Checkers & Chess

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    Windows 10 / Windows 8

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Fun and challenging chess game for Windows PCs.

If you're looking for a good chess game that offers a challenge, yet isn't as complicated as professional grade chess engines, you should check out what Chess4All for Windows 8 has to offer. It's a game that runs on Windows 8 and 10, letting you play the world's favorite board game on your PC.

Play Against the Computer or Other Players

Chess4All for Windows 8 has several game modes. The most simple one is just playing against the computer. You can choose from several difficulty levels depending on how good of a chess player you are. When playing against the computer, the game has several features that can help you improve your chess skills, such as the ability to save games and review them later, displaying hints and showing which moves are valid.

Then there's a side by side mode. This lets two players who are sitting at the same PC play against each other. This mode is quite interesting, as not all chess games offer it.

Finally, Chess4All for Windows 8 offers an online mode. It's powered by two of the most popular chess servers in the world, ICC and FICS. The online play mode gives you the chance to go against thousands of players from all over the world. It supports chatting, take back, draws and has a game clock.

Improve Your Chess Skills With Chess4All for Windows 8

If you're learning how to play chess or want to improve your skills, Chess4All for Windows 8 can help in several ways. For beginners, the game provides several tutorials that allow you to learn basic playing techniques. As you progress, you can go on to the chess lectures, which teach you more advanced moves. For an even bigger challenge, you can try to solve the provided puzzles, which are based on some of the most famous chess matches in the world. Another way that the game can let you learn to be a better chess player is by watching online matches between two other players.

Great Overall Chess Game

As far as chess games go, Chess4All for Windows 8 is quite good. The user interface is well designed and based on the Windows 8 Metro look. The game provides you with a few ways to customize its appearance, such as choosing the background and board colors. If you want to play on your smartphone, there's now a version of Chess4All for Windows Phone.

The only slight problem with Chess4All for Windows 8 is the online mode. While it's usually reliable, there are times when you get disconnected when trying to choose a game or have to try several times to connect to the server before you're able to get in.


  • Very good quality for a free game
  • Several learning modes to help improve your chess skills
  • Play against the CPU, online or side by side with another human


  • Online multiplayer mode isn't always reliable

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